Professional Missing Persons Search Services

A.R.M. established in 1990, A.R.M. founding members were from the private, public, and military sectors. They included private investigators, military command, and control as well as homicide investigators. 

The American Response For The Missing (A.R.M.) teams are dedicated to making an  impact in the field with the highest standards in professionalism  with hopes of  raising the standards in conducting complete and well-organized searches for the active or cold cases missing person files.

A.R.M. provides highly skilled, trained individuals and teams, to resolve as many cases as possible. 

A.R.M. works with the families in conjunction with local, regional, state, federal, and international law enforcement.

A.R.M. members are well educated, hands on trained, expert personnel. Each charter and junior member generally joins A.R.M. with a specific area of expertise or interest such as; k9, sonar, forensic, research, investigations, diver, high angle climbing, as well as members who continue to cross train into new areas, providing a diverse rapid and flexible deployment of A.R.M. team members. 

A.R.M. continues to grow and analyze as well as educate each Charter and junior member on all aspects of conducting professional missing person searches. A.R.M. is constantly working on developing new technology and techniques used as devices in the missing person investigation field.

A.R.M. actively recruits new charter and junior members, to fill positions in each specialized area of expertise, as well as working with professional teams outside the A.R.M. organization.

A.R.M. is committed to lending and changing the standards in the missing person field by providing outstanding credibility to the field of missing person searches through education, training and professional organization.

ARM provides top-notch state of the art tools used in each search without bias. 

Charter members are Leaders, some with more than 25 years of experience who conduct management of Each case. Although A.R.M. strives to solve as many cases, possible, it is also important to educate the public in steps to take when someone is missing. 

It is impossible to solve all cases, yet A.R.M. has the ability to provide each case with a fresh look and available resource. A combination of reliable, professional, Charter members, skilled and Certified to standards beyond most Missing persons associations today, we continue to conduct and provide resolutions to as many cases as possible. A.R.M. actively approaches each case, with open minds and utilization of as many resources available.